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We placed this link up here as we have had a number of people that want to download the free video on grooming that Darlah did. It's her first attempt to share and as time goes on she will evolve and perfect but till then, here it is.

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Havanese Breed Magazine Issue #13

Those of you interested in that article on Cushings from Issue #12 will want to read a Letter to the Editor in Issue #13 that I received from a friend who lost a dog to this disease. This issue has some great articles on training, dancing moves, common sense, some great dog spots, a first hand look at this year's Westminster Dog how from the Breeder who actually won breed for the Havanese and many other humorous and a few thought provokling articles that I hope you appreciate and enjoy.



Havanese Breed Magazine Issue #12

In the last few days it has snowed, rained, hailed and gone from a few degrees below freezing to almost 10 degrees above. It is bad enough to walk our dogs in the muck without having to deal with the sand and salt the city puts down to ensure we don’t fall. I know we wash our dog’s pads off as soon as we get back in the house to remove this stuff before it hurts them. But when our backyard is a dangerous thin sheet of ice which will be replaced tomorrow with fence to fence mud, I take umbrage. When you have more than a few dogs in full length coats that not only love to play in the worst weather these parts have to offer, but have been known to stand outside in pouring rain, turn their heads up to the sky and yell BRING IT ON you will probably understand when I say I wish it would get below freezing and stay there for a while. This is the warmest February I can remember. At this point I wouldn’t mind a bit of snow. Our dogs love to play in snow too which isn’t bad for a breed that originated in Cuba.

As usual we have articles from a half a dozen countries sharing our love for this breed. It sheds a new light on a subject when an article about dancing with our dogs comes to us from South Africa or an article on her opinion on how the Havanese should really look is written by a woman from Cuba that was there from the outset. We always have our humorous columns written by people that sometimes even pose as the dogs they love. And we have some serious health related articles. Everything is meant to educate and inform you on a wide range of subjects that should be of interest to all. Which reminds me, if you want me to cover a subject that you have not previously seen in this magazine please do not hesitate to say so. Email me directly by clicking on this link: email the editor.

I will respond to anything you care to share with me.

The Havanese Breed Magazine Issue #12 is now available.

Enjoy the read!

Nathan Potechin, Editor


Comments on Articles

Please do not hesitate to use this space to comment on any article that catches your eye. I would really appreciate the input from you, pros and cons. We always listen. I know I want to hear your thoughts on anything you care to share with us. As some of you have noticed we are slowly moving the magazine more to general information pieces for any small breed of dog with the emphasis remaining on the Havanese. I hope these educational pieces continue to hold your interest and attention. Thank you.

Nathan Potechin


Havanese Breed Magazine Issue #11

As the year comes to a close I wish to take this opportunity to extend my thanks to all our subscribers and contributors. I hope the diversity of our content continues to entertain, inform and educate. I know I enjoy reading about Havanese in places I’ve never been. This issue we have an article about the Havanese in Lithuania which was certainly not something I knew about previously. Bill Burns writes about some adventures in breeding. Steven Ng continues his excellent educational pieces on how to take great photos of your dogs and who among us does not wish to improve in this area?! Saki Fry tells us about her new apartment in LA from her own unique perspective. Lyn McLean has a piece on her Itsy Bitsy Teeny Tiny Havanese in New Zealand. Anita Rademeyer shares some personal experiences with relationship games from South Africa. Trina Kennard introduced the Havanese to Australia and here begins the tale. Our special piece this issue on another small breed, The American Cocker Spaniel, by Kelly Ladouceur, is very informative. CJ Johnson continues her adventures with Jasmine. Karen Simpson and her Sophie share a long journey home and back in pictorial format. Suzanne McKay expanded on a piece she’d written earlier about the hazards to your dogs around the holiday season. Suzie Kalman has another humorous piece she titled The Call of the Wild as she continues to entertain us with the exploits of her beloved Bichon and Havanese, Hugo and Milo. Teddy Green, my favourite Trainer, educates us with a piece called Small Dogs Rule. Tom Wettlauffer’s piece titled Honey, We Need a Fourth for Bridge, is exactly what you guessed, Tom’s added another dog. Battling the Dog Food Conundrum is an informative piece from Jacqueline Carney. And as always we have some Havanese history first hand from Cuba and the pen of Zoila Portuondo Guerra. As a special bonus Terry Mosher, ( has contributed a Havanese cartoon styled on his own much loved Sparky. I wish you all the very best in this holiday season and a very happy new year.

Nathan Potechin - Publisher


Havanese Breed Magazine Issue #10

This issue is 62 pages including an in-depth coverage of the 2011 Canadian National Specialty in pictorial format as well as an interview with the Judge, Candace Mogavero who should be familiar to many of you. In addition to those photos contributed by Steven Ng in his five page pictorial, my wife, Darlah, took over 8,000 photographs during the course of the Canadian National Specialty. This is the usual consequence of using a digital camera and her not wanting to miss anything. She’s whittled them down but there are still a great many excellent photos. To see them please select this link: Darlah also took photos of the Sweepstakes held just before the national specialty. Those photos are located here:

We have our continuing historically relevant contributions from Zoila Portuondo Guerra from Cuba, our usual training and informative articles from Teddy Green, Joan Weston and Claire Paulson which are relevant no matter which breed of dog you own. This issue we have stories from South Africa, New Zealand, England and Scotland as well as Canada and the USA. Bill Burns compares his own show experiences with Golden Retrievers and Havanese and how they differ and why. Arlene Etzig has something to say about the natural part on our Havanese. Lyndall Fry (Saki), Tom Wettlaufer, Suzi Kalman share humorous stories about the dogs with who they share their lives and Suzanne McKay tells us about her first Havanese. Marissa Johnson shares her experience at the recent 2011 US National Specialty from her unique perspective and we have included the new AKC Havanese Breed Standard. And finally, we hope to expand the magazine to include information about other breeds so that we better understand our own. This issue includes an article about Chinese Crested contributed by Hélène Bélanger.

Enjoy the read

Nathan Potechin


The Havanese Breed Magazine Issue #9 is Available Now

As always our Readers have shared many random photographs with us and we’ve contributed a few of our own. We were happy to make an issue of the magazine available in the welcome bags of the US National Specialty a few weeks ago and the Canadian National Specialty in a few weeks. I’m told many attendees at the US show still did not know that our magazine existed. For those of you that do, and enjoy what you read, please help spread the word.

In this issue we have our usual eclectic contributions as well as many dog spots to share. We also have coverage of the World Dog Show from Paris, France, an interview with a Canadian Judge from a dog show in Germany, the hair-raising journey of a contributor in New Zealand before, during and after their recent earthquake, and one heck of a group photo from a Havanese picnic in Canada. It doesn’t get any better than 50-60 Havanese running around having a great time together.

We have a new contributor and Arlene has something to say. If you have a comment of any kind about her article we'd like to hear and discuss it right here if you would.



The Havanese Breed Magazine Issue #8  

Issue #8 of The Havanese Breed Magazine is now available. I think I enjoyed the article written by Zoila Portuondo Guerra about Dorothy Goodale the most.  It is exactly like reading a bit of history. Teddy Green is an excellent Dog Trainer. Her column on Recall could save your dog's life. I totally support everything that she teaches and recommend such classes to anyone that will listen. I hope you enjoy this article and all the rest and welcome any comments you care to share with us.

Thank you,


Issue #7 Now Available

The latest issue of The Havanese Breed Magazine is now available. As always my thanks goes to all those who contributed articles and photos. We love sharing. Anything of interest to the greater Havanese community is of interest to us.

Thank you




Issue 6 Available

Issue #6 is now available for downloading both in PDF for all computers, iPad's and such and in an EXE "Page flipping" file format for the pc only.

This issue contains a comparison between all existing Havanese breed standards in place, or under construction, worldwide. It also contains a dozen other articles of interest to anyone that shares their lives with Havanese. Lyn MacLean's article about her first litter in New Zealand is fascinating as was her subsequent success in the show ring in both New Zealand and Australia. Zoila's article is fascinating and riveting as always as she discusses personal history from first hand that affected us all. Sarah Lacey contributed a very important article on the darker side of puppy mills and breeding. Teddy Green's article on Shaping is excellent as is Steven Ng's discussion on using that digital camera of yours to take amazing photos of our dogs, and much more.

I trust you will enjoy the read.

Nathan Potechin

Publisher - The Havanese Breed Magazine


The Havanese Breed Magazine Issue #5

The Havanese Breed Magazine Issue #5 is now available for your downloading pleasure. It continues to be an amazing collaboration by a group of talented individuals without whom this magazine would not exist. This issue is 72 pages and in particular contains the new Canadian Havanese breed standard which takes affect January 1, 2011. There are some excellent articles from around the world which help us fill in the blanks on the history and development of our wonderful breed. Teddy Green's article on training, On The Mark, is first class. Zoila and Wendy remembering Barbara Benerson is touching. Liz Vargo's straight from the hip comments are exhilirating and a large divergence from just saying "it was a nice dog".

I wish you all the very best over the holiday season and a great and wonderful 2011 for us all.

Enjoy the read.

Nathan Potechin




Issue #5 Coming Soon

Issue #5 is scheduled to be released in December. Articles have been arriving all weekend. One of the most important is an article written by Suzanne McKay, the current President of the HFC (Havanese Fanciers of Canada), the national breed club. This coming January, 2011, the new Canadian Havanese Breed Standard takes effect. Literally years of effort went into it supported by the entire club every step of the way. Also, the HFC is in the process of getting an Illustrated Breed Standard done to accompany the new breed standard and help with Judges and Breeder education. This is major for all of us and certainly adds clarity in many areas where it was lacking.  

This coming issue will have a good photo array from the Havanese Regional Specialty a few weeks back in British Columbia. That reminds me to remind all of you that I am always happy to receive photos and stories from any shows in which a Havanese participated. Don’t be shy. Please share with us all.

If you have some good Halloween photos of your dogs, please upload them to me. There will be a photo array of Halloween costumed Havanese.

Thank you

Nathan Potechin



Issue #4 is Now Available

I just realized I haven't been posting. It has been a long couple of months in our home. I ended up paying a friend to lay out the third issue of The Havanese Breed magazine and things happened. Sometimes the best laid plans of mice and men ... I got the 4th issue done and out myself just last week. We are up over 70 pages now and I hope you enjoy the magazine as we continue to grow. This past issue covered three national specialties, one in the USA, a second in Canada and a third in New Zealand. For those that made two try for all three next year! The fence outside the home of one of our regular contributors was struck by lightning, frying the fuse box and doing some terminal damage to some electronic parts but thankfully not affecting the people or the dogs.

The temperature here has dropped considerably this past week. It actually snowed briefly today. Our Havanese love it. They were invigorated.

Enjoy the latest issue and thank you for your support.




Issue #2 is now available

The magazine has grown significantly with new contrinutions from five new writers, including Zoila Portuono Guerra from Cuba, Lyn McLean from New Zealand, Anita Rademeyer from South Africa, Joan Weston from Ontario, Canada and Tom Wettlaufer from Florida. Liz Vargo is back with a great look at the history of the Havanese in the USA from some who was there. She explains why decisions were made. I could go on but I do have the complete Table of Contents on the main page. We have also now posted a Teaser, a 9 page glimpse at the 50 page magazine. If you want to se the quality and understand the content before subscribing then please download and read the teaser:



The New Magazine on an iPad

Yesterday Suzie and Helen came to visit with Milo and Hugo. Those of you that have read the magazine will know who they are. Anyway, they also had with them a brand new iPad which they drove down to the US to pick up last week. It's still awhile before it becomes availabel in Canada officially. But I digress. Helen had the magazine on the iPad so of course I wanted to see it and all I can say is WOW! First she turns the pad tall instead of long and a full page almost fits. But the way it zoomed in and scrolled was amazing. I loved it and I want to buy one. The links didn't work on the iPad but the display, the ability to read it, was extraordinary. Not for the first time Apple has done a good job.



Inuagural Issue Available Now

The first version of Talemaker's Havanese Breed Magazine is now available to our members. If you haven't already subscribed, please do so now. The magazine is available for downloading either as a PDF for all computers or an EXE for the PC only. Links are working in both versions that will jump you between pages or from the Table of Contents to any article you wish to read. The EXE version also has a few cool viewing devices such as page flipping, zooming and such that make the reading experience more enjoyable. It looks like a magazine.

One point I make throughout this issue is that I hope you will all share photos with us for our Gallery. I personally feel that every member of our magazine would love to see any photo of your Havanese that you care to share with us. I would love lots more photos for the next issue.

If there is a topic of interest to you that you would like to see covered, please email me or comment here. I'm happy to listen.

If you would like to advertise with us, we'd be happy to place your ad in our magazine, whether it is a keepsake ad, announcing a new litter, some product to sell that might interest our members or perhaps simply your buisness card. Please don't hesitate to share with us.

I'm here. I'm reachable and I'm listening.




Almost Ready for Prime Time

I just finished posting up a Table of Contents and the first front cover of Talemaker Havanese Breed Magazine. I hope you like it. Patt took a great shot of Sweepea at Westminster and Alice and Steve Lawrence were kind enough to share it with us all and agree to be on the first cover. For those of you that do not typically attend dog shows this might be the first time you have ever seen a corded Havanese. One of the people from whom I learned about the breed, and whose opinion I trust and respect, once told me that there are corded and then there are corded. If I wanted to see the best, look at Sweepea! A corded Havanese isn't so common. But Alice and Steve are known for their cords and Sweepea is an awesome dog.

The magazine will be made available within the week. It's almost complete. If you haven't already done so, please surbscribe now and thank you very much for your support.




Working on Layout and Design

These past few weeks I have been working on the style guide for the Talemaker Havanese Breed Magazine, the look and feel. No question it is evolving but eventually, before the magazine is actually completed, I will have all aspects nailed down. I just completed laying out an article from one of the regular columnists and I was able to view and print it out in a variety of sizes and resolutions. That allowed me to test a few theories I have about page size and the ramifications of color versus black and white in terms of downloading speed. My original plan to create the magazine using Adobe InDesign and output the pages as PDF's will work. The first issue will be made available using the PDF format. Whether I remain with that format or switch to another format for easier online viewing will depend on the ease of use you all experience. Adobe has done a good job of making PDF a universal format for which I thank them. Above all, you must be able to easily read the words. When the time comes, please don't hesitate to comment if you are having difficulty with any aspect. Thank you.


for Talemaker Havanese Breed Magazine



Talk to me

Darlah talked me into creating my own blog, an adjunct to the magazine where we can all discuss more current events and I can write about those things that catch my interest on a daily basis. Darlah very Havanese centric blogs: and are followed by approximately a thousand people a day. I plan to do my best to cacth up to her. Of course none of it works without some interaction from you. So please do not hesitate to jump in and comment on anything that catches your attention. I'd love to hear from you. As always, the underlying subject is those Havanese we love. It goes without saying that they love us back. Jump in and join me at any time. You are all most welcome.