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We placed this link up here as we have had a number of people that want to download the free video on grooming that Darlah did. It's her first attempt to share and as time goes on she will evolve and perfect but till then, here it is.

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After numerous requests, our new printed version is now available. Click here.

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Deadlines for article submissions and advertising:

January/February Issue   January 15
March/April Issue   March 15
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September/October Issue   September 15
November/December Issue   November 15

Supporting Advertising Page Rates: (Easy Payment Below)

Front and Inside Covers $125   2 Page Color Spread $185
Colour, Full Page $100   Black & White, Full Page   $50
Color, Half Page   $60   Black & White, Half Page   $30
Color, 1/3 Page   $38   Black & White, Quarter Page   $18
Back Cover $112      

Custom designed Keepsake Ads by Bruce Chapman:
Business Cards $10 per issue; $50 for six issues, 2” x 3 1/2”.
Breeder Kennel Listing, One Line: $20 for six issues

Annual subscription is CAD $39.95 via PayPal or by mailing in a check if you prefer.

Page size is 8 ½” x 11”. Supporting advertisements may be provided electronically as a PDF or uploaded with original photographs. Upload your advertisement or article in the spot provided. Photos, Art, Logos and business cards must be scanned at 200 dpi (B/W & 4 color - CMYK only) at least, 300 dpi preferred. Full page color ads should be at 300 dpi. All scanned artwork must be saved as TIF’s or JPEG’s. Note: You may also send us your original photo (color or b/w) and we will scan it and import into your advertisement. Contact us directly for mailing instructions.

Note: Most web and email images are only 72 DPI and this will be an electronic magazine output in PDF format. Your images will always look better in the higher resolutions. You may also submit a suggested layout to Bruce Chapman at and he will, for a small fee, produce your ad with your approval. Submit all letters, stories and advertisements to or upload them here:

A Media Kit is available upon request.

To subscribe to the Havanese Breed Magazine please go to this page and fill out the form. It’s very simple and you are very welcome to join us. The Havanese Breed Magazine IS NOT RESPONSIBLE for the reproductive quality of emailed advertisements or photos. We will do the best we can with the material submitted to us.

Front and Inside Covers $125


Colour, Full Page $100


Color, Half Page $60


Color, 1/3 Page $38


Back Cover $112


2 Page Color Spread $185


Black & White, Full Page $50


Black & White, Half Page $30


Black & White, Quarter Page $18


Business Cards Per Issue $20


Business Cards, 6 Issues $100


Breeder Kennel Listing, One Line: $25 for six issues