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2013 USA National Havanese Specialty

I shot nearly two thousand photos at the 2013 American Havanese National Specialty in Chicago, available now for your viewing pleasure. I took the photos for the Havanese Breed magazine and the greater Havanese community. I took them for my pleasure and I took them for you. Enjoy them.

If you see a photo of you or your dog you really like, most likely one of your dog as my focus was truly on the dogs, please make a small contribution at the web site, below, for each. With your contribution I will gladly send you a particular photo in the original hi-res file size. Email me at if you wish to discuss any part of this. If I can get enough contributions I can justify doing more “shoots” like this. 

Here is the link:

Thank you.

Nathan Potechin - Publisher

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Grooming 101

We placed this link up here as we have had a number of people that want to download the free video on grooming that Darlah did. It's her first attempt to share and as time goes on she will evolve and perfect but till then, here it is.

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Issue #25 of The Havanese Breed magazine is the 1st issue in our 5th year in publication. I hope you all continue to enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy putting it together. For those with an annual e-subscription it is available for downloading now at

Issue #25 contains the following articles:

I am really pleased to have a candid interview with Lalla Ward in this issue. I first became familiar with her work back when she was on the cast of Dr. Who. She has accomplished quite a bit in her life, without a doubt. Sure, she also has a Coton du Tulear and she happens to be married to Professor Richard Dawkins, but it was when she got her Havanese named Cuba that she reached her pinnacle in my own slightly bias opinion.  This is a candid interview with a really nice lady and she gets the cover of our magazine this issue. She graciously invited the Havanese Breed magazine into her home and Sue Edwards drove 300 miles to be there.  Gillian Ridgeway is a well-known trainer and educator. This issue she talks about Twice the Fun in her article; when to get that second dog. Joan Weston, a canine behaviour specialist weighs in on Shock Collars. Expect scorched earth under her words on this subject. And if you ever get a chance to attend one of Ms. Weston’s seminars, leap at it. She is very entertaining and really good. I have a little pictorial about Griffin’s first birthday. Birthdays are important. You’ll see. Charlene Stoutsenberger shared some stories and photos of her dear Karli. It was a pleasure to read. Dave Thorpe, also a trainer, writes on a subject he calls Dumbinance. Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like. We got an article and some photos from Scott Tomassi, on Westminster and the Greater New York Havanese Club shows. Saki Fry continues her stories about her brother Tak. This one is called The Proper Order of Things... As a treat Vicki McAndrew shared some news and photos about her two Havanese, from her home in Australia.   Tracy Smith writes in from the Regional Havanese Specialty recently held just outside Sudbury, Ontario. I was pleased to be there too. Good fun, great people and wonderful Havanese. Wendy Allenby brings us up to date on this year’s Crufts from the U.K. Richie Edwards was kind enough to send photos of the Havanese exhibiting. Richie has been awesome this issue as he also accompanied his wife, Sue, to the interview with Lalla Ward at her home and took those photos including the one on the front cover. Tales from the Beach is Tom’s continuing stories. This one titled New Paws in the Sand is about what you’d expect as Tom’s canine household grows by one. And finally Darlah Potechin writes an excellent article in her own style on the educational side and some things we should know about our dogs.


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Nathan Potechin

Editor and Publisher

The Havanese Breed Magazine