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2013 USA National Havanese Specialty

I shot nearly two thousand photos at the 2013 American Havanese National Specialty in Chicago, available now for your viewing pleasure. I took the photos for the Havanese Breed magazine and the greater Havanese community. I took them for my pleasure and I took them for you. Enjoy them.

If you see a photo of you or your dog you really like, most likely one of your dog as my focus was truly on the dogs, please make a small contribution at the web site, below, for each. With your contribution I will gladly send you a particular photo in the original hi-res file size. Email me at if you wish to discuss any part of this. If I can get enough contributions I can justify doing more “shoots” like this. 

Here is the link:

Thank you.

Nathan Potechin - Publisher

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Grooming 101

We placed this link up here as we have had a number of people that want to download the free video on grooming that Darlah did. It's her first attempt to share and as time goes on she will evolve and perfect but till then, here it is.

Let's Talk: Havanese
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Issue #26 of The Havanese Breed magazine is the 2nd issue in our 5th year in publication. I hope you all continue to enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy putting it together. For those with an annual e-subscription it is available for downloading now at

Issue #26 contains the following articles:

Gillian Ridgeway has her usual educational training article this time entitled Confidence 101.Her articles are always instructive. Then Suzanne McKay, a well-known author and respected member of the greater Havanese community contributed an excellent piece explaining the meaning of a breed standard. This is a must read for anyone showing their dogs. Here are two lines from the article: A breed standard is a thoroughly researched and carefully written conceptualization of an ideal. … Something which is acceptable in one country may be faulted in another. Havanese exhibited in a given country or organization must follow the standard approved by that particular organization. Doing otherwise is disrespectful to the breed, to the registering body, and to the host country. Mary Bassing updates us on her 16 year old Tyler and his experience with ACL. Fear is the title of Dave Thorpe’s latest column and the stages they go through as puppies. The potentially Fatal Danger posed to dogs by grapes and raisins by Scott C. Tomassi is another must read for obvious reasons. Lyndall continues her journey with her two Havanese, written through the eyes of her oldest, Saki, talking about life with her brother, Tak. Wendy Allenby talks about the Assured Breeder Scheme now in effect in the U.K. and her recent personal experience with a standard home inspection. As one of the oldest and most well respected Havanese Breeders in the UK her comments are always insightful. Sue Edwards writes up her experience with the 23rd Havanese Breed Open Show in the U.K., along with lots of great photos for those interested in seeing what they are showing in Havanese in England. Next is an article written by Elize Duncan, writing about her discovery and journey with her new Havanese, in South Africa. It is interesting to me how similar Anita Rademeyer (Dreamridge Havanese)  is to best breeding practices in North America. Share Elize’s love and read the article. Judith Jones remembers back when, in her opinion, there was far more examples of good sportsmanship in the ring than what we see today, with links back to both the HCA (Havanese Club of America) and HFC (Havanese Fanciers of Canada) Code of Ethics. Talking Dogs is the subject of Tom Wettlaufer’s contribution as he looks into the manner in which dogs communicate. Darlah Potechin wrote about Traveling with Dogs, a subject which comes up a lot. Darlah concludes saying patience and understanding is key. That’s equally applicable with most things we do.


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Nathan Potechin

Editor and Publisher

The Havanese Breed Magazine