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Mail to the Editor

January 8, 2011


Nathan Potechin

Editor, Havanese Breed Magazine

Dear Nathan

After reading the 5th issue of the Havanese magazine, I feel that it is time to write to you to say how much we are enjoying the magazine.  When we first subscribed we were just in the process of adding our first Havanese to our family and we thought it would be fun to be able to read a publication dedicated to the breed.

We were very impressed from the first issue but every issue just seems to get better and is full of great articles.  We enjoy the informative articles, some that are very specific to the Havanese breed, and other articles that are more general in nature and could relate to all dog owners.  Then there are the humorous articles specifically from Lyndall Fry and Suzie Kalman.  They are so much fun to read, and it is great to follow the adventures of Saki and Tak and Hugo and Milo.  They always make us laugh!

All the articles are so well written, and you and Darlah are to be commended as this publication takes a lot of work and dedication to make it such an interesting read.   We thank you and all the contributing writers who take their time and share their knowledge so people like us who love our Havanese can benefit from all the information provided. 

We are now the very happy parents of 2 Havanese; Breeze joined our family in May and Chinook just last week.  I am keeping a blog of our adventures, so maybe I could write an article for a future edition of the magazine on our experience of adding our second Havanese pup!


Shelley and Al Popovich


Letter to the Editor and Contributors:

Dear Nathan, Darlah and all,

Today I subscribed to and read from cover to cover the first issue of the Havanese Breed Magazine. I was very pleased with it, so much so, that I printed it out in magazine format so that I could put it out on my coffee table to re-read and re-peruse. It is good that you added the breed standards, a la Our Havanese. I so looked forward to Kitty’s Magazine and miss it. All of the articles were well written and I especially enjoyed reading the article by Liz Vargo, and as a newby (almost 3 years in Havanese – over 20 in Newfies) will look forward to her unique viewpoint as I want to know everything about the history of our breed and club. I also especially liked the articles by Rita, Kitty and the hilarious article by Suzy. In fact, all of your contributors did a terrific job and I look forward to reading their next columns.

Continued success.


Pattie Zielke

LaMontaña Havanese



From: elizabeth vargo
Sent: Sunday, June 13, 2010 1:03 PM
Subject: letter to the editor


After reading the most recent issue of The Havanese Breed Magazine from cover to cover, I just have to say I LOVE YOU GRACE KOSUB!!!!! And I'll volunteer to be one of the first to join the Old Fuddy Duddy Club!

And I wish I had a copy of Bill Burns article to give to potential buyers when they invariably ask me if the price of a puppy is negotiable!

And haven't we all been in Suzie Kalman's shoes. Her Murder Mystery Weekend column was just hilarious! What a gifted writer she is.

Each issue just gets better than the previous one, and I can't wait for the next issue to arrive.

Liz Vargo Tustin