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We placed this link up here as we have had a number of people that want to download the free video on grooming that Darlah did. It's her first attempt to share and as time goes on she will evolve and perfect but till then, here it is.

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Joan WestonJoan Weston
Joan Weston, born and raised in New York City, grew up with dogs all her life. After receiving her Bachelors of Science Degree from Northeastern University in Boston, she came to Toronto to pursue graduate research in Motor Learning and Sport Psychology, areas that would form the foundation for her career in training and behavior.

Joan is a member of the International Superdogs Performance Team, entertaining millions across North America. She also competes in Competitive Obedience and Flyball and looks forward to continuing with Agility, Conformation, Rally Obedience and Tracking. She has also volunteered for the St. Johns Ambulance Therapy dog program.

She currently serves as one of our Behavioral Consultants, specializing in aggressive behavior and assists with the temperament evaluations for The Toronto Humane Society and the Orangeville S.P.C.A. She has numerous certificates in dog behavior and attends every continuing education seminar possible, to keep current on all dog related issues.

Joan does Bulldog rescue in Ontario, travels far and wide to rescue bulldogs in need. Most of her own dogs are from humane societies or private rescue. On a personal note, Joan was the first overall pick to the U.S. National Women’s Hockey Team in 1987. She also received the Bronze “T” from U of T, also for Women’s Hockey. Joan lives in Caledon with her wife, Jamie, where they are taught life lessons by their bulldogs (and a couple of pugs!).

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