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We placed this link up here as we have had a number of people that want to download the free video on grooming that Darlah did. It's her first attempt to share and as time goes on she will evolve and perfect but till then, here it is.

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Gillian RidgewayGillian Ridgeway AHT
Gillian has been working with, and for, dogs since 1972 and is the Director of Who's Walking Who Dog Training Centers. Along the way she has earned a diploma in Animal Health Technology, a certificate in small animal nutrition and dermatology, and numerous certificates in animal behavior. Over the years, her own dogs have acquired titles in obedience, flyball and agility.

Gillian had a monthly column in the national publication Dogs In Canada for over 9 years, including the Dogs In Canada Annual 4 times. She is also co-author of Citizen Canine, a popular book for trainers and pet dog owners. Gillian is also a consultant and feature writer for Dogs, Dogs, Dogs newspaper since 1994 and penned a weekly Pet Care Column for Metro Today from 2000 - 2004.

Along with her writing assignments, Gillian has been featured on many TV and radio shows, including being the trainer on the Weekly show Dogs TV and a stint on Canoe Live, where she did live call in questions, with spaniel, Yardley, as her co-host. She is often called upon as an expert in the field of dogs for City TV's Animal Housecalls.

As a founding member of both the CAPPDT and the IPTA, she is an advocate for the humane treatment of dogs.


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