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Suzie Kalman - OT, PT
Suzie Kalman is the owner and founder of The Gemini Group, a company whose concept is the Prevention and Promotion of Good Health. The business focuses on providing exceptional service and individual attention and education to all clients to prevent, improve, or support all aspects of their health.

Focusing on Prevention, The Gemini Group is committed to helping a person to manage their health today so that they are not managing their illness tomorrow.
Suzie Kalman began her career in Health Care, graduating with honors from the University of Toronto in Physio and Occupational Therapy. Suzie’s clinical experience included extensive involvement in the assessment and treatment of clients with Physical and Mental Disabilities.

For 8 years, Suzie was a Teaching Master at McMaster University in the School of Medicine, working with a broad range of students in the faculty of Health Sciences.

No stranger to corporate environments, Suzie has held senior positions with a variety of Fortune 500 companies, such as Sara Lee and Bausch and Lomb as their National Corporate Account and/ or National Sales Manager.
Passion is important in business, and Suzie is passionate about managing your good health. In addition to a wide range of lectures on managing all aspects of health, she is also working with clients in numerous settings from Vascular/Surgical clinics; hospital wound care teams as well as delivering service to clients in their own homes.

Suzie is also involved in delivering  In-Service educational programs for health professionals. Suzie is also working with a variety of Medical teams in all venues to provide services for clients requiring specialty items, orthotics and orthopaedic shoes and custom fittings for all lower extremity conditions.

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